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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Arthur Wellesley British Infantry 16-August 15 14
Ben Blackwood British Infantry 17-June 14 131
Bennet Asquith British Infantry 7-February 16 10
Charles Edmondson British Infantry 17-June 14 13
Daniel Medhurst British Infantry 30-August 16 6
Edward Torrington Royal Engineers 30-April 14 209
Friedrich Rottlaender Riflemen 12-May 14 42
Gabriel Cotton Riflemen 25-April 14 197 View
George Sanders British Infantry 7-February 16 9
Jack Farris British Infantry 31-May 16 0
Joe Newbury Riflemen 28-May 15 140
John Vickery Riflemen 26-April 14 333 View
Jonathan Padstowe British Infantry 16-August 15 16
Keiju Admin 4-May 14 387
Latin-Cat Members 15-August 15 2
Marashar Members 30-April 14 52
Martin Darling British Infantry 17-June 14 21
Matthias Wenck Members 21-December 16 0
Mr Punch Admin 2-June 16 0
Sam Littlebrooks British Infantry 31-May 16 2
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