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 10 January; Captains Courageous, Open
John Vickery
 Posted: Apr 10 2017, 01:12 PM

Captain; 5/60th Rifles
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Group: Riflemen
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It wasn't, perhaps, usual for the Commanding Officer of a Rifle company to wish to take charge himself of a patrol going scouting, but then, Vickery was not exactly a typical officer. Not that Rifle officers were precisely typical anyway, of course, which was why they got under the skin of more conventional officers with the Army. Well, enough of them, anyway.

January also was not the heigh of the campaigning season - quite the reverse, in fact - but that did not mean that the Army should let its guard down.

"See anything?" he called to the two men on point. They were far enough ahead that a raised voice was necessary, but not so far as to be out of sight.

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King George commands, and we obey
Over the hills and far away ~ Traditional

An officer must be confident in giving orders, or else the soldier will not be confident in executing them.
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