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 08th August 1809: The Dragon
Gabriel Cotton
 Posted: Aug 17 2017, 08:15 PM

5/60th Rifles; Captain's servant
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Now, where in God's green earth was 'here', precisely?

Cotton eased the rifle strap on his shoulder, allowing the weapon to slide down so he could hold it in the ready position. Even unloaded, it would maybe make an enemy think twice.

The only problem was, doing this meant he had both hands full.

What on earth did the boy mean about 'a Drache' anyway - and Cotton thought he'd managed to break the 'Herr Cotton' habit. It seemed not.

"Where are you?" he called, seeing no sign of either of the youngsters, which he ought to do if he could hear them, surely.

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And he sang as he marched through the crowded streets of Rochester,
"Who'll be a soldier for Wellington and me?" ~ The Rochester Recruit, trad.
Show the Colours
 Posted: Aug 17 2017, 08:16 PM

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"Down here! Here, here... over slope!" Pye called trying not to laugh because Freddie screamed earlier, but his serious expression sobered him up. "What's a Drache?" He asked, his way of saying it rather not as clear as Freddie's. "This?.. what's that?" He asked touching the head carefully after he had made sure that Freddie didn't break anything and that he was just covered in more dust and that bones had not followed him once he scampered away. Maybe Freddie knew better what this thing was! He seemed to do!

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