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 Training Day plot?
 Posted: Sep 8 2016, 06:28 PM

Curator of Marines
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Group: Admin
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I'm up for pretty much anything. (Anyway, don't officers as a breed generally have some idea about shooting? Although, admittedly, it takes rather less precision to hit a bird with a pellet than a single bullet when out shooting.)

Also, some ideas we've done in the past that could be re-visited: A hunting or shooting day for the officers, and another map-making session (more advanced or testing what the men can remember from the first time).

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Boy 3rd Class Terry Button, Royal Navy
Rifleman Gabriel Cotton, 5/60th Rifles
Private Tom Oxley, Royal Marines drummer
Able Seaman Sam Oxley, Royal Navy
Private Finch Robinson, Royal Marines
Corporal George Thompson, Royal Marines
Captain Hereward Thorburn, Royal Navy
Captain John Vickery, 5/60th Rifles
 Posted: Sep 8 2016, 07:49 PM

Give me the coffee!
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Torrington can shoot pistols well enough, but shooting anything between pistols and cannons was firmly the territory of his brother. In fact he might have made a slight point out of it.

I am all for the suggested activities! For practical reasons I'm afraid Torry will want to teach the boys how to fix up a fortification ...
 Posted: Sep 25 2016, 11:38 AM

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I'm up for pretty much anything. Karl can visit the guards or someone and teach them some good old Prussian drill or he could do firearms practice because he's a good shot too (being in the Jaegers and Rifles after all).

I'll go with whatever works best biggrin.gif
 Posted: Sep 25 2016, 03:13 PM

Caffeine-Addicted Research Junkie
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The 50th Foot have replaced the Coldstream Guards as the Rifles' "parent" regiment - and anyway, the Prussian style of drill isn't the object of the training day.

With that said, the training day itself has kicked off here. Rifles officers and Captain Torrington are invited to make appearances. For the Rifles officers themselves, I'd like very much for them to they take part. One post a week at the minimum to keep their characters 'present', as it is not fair for only one or two to be involved.

Puppet-master Cat
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Ben Blackwood - Captain, Brigade-Major for 1st Brigade; 1/2nd Foot Guards
Martin Darling - Private, 1/2nd Foot Guards (Blackwood's batman)
Jack Farris - Private, 1/50th Foot
Sam Littlebrooks - Private, 1/50th Foot
Joe Newbury - Rifleman, 3rd Company, 5/60th (Royal American) Rifles
Thomas Newcombe - Lieutenant, 1/50th Foot
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