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 Faces for NPCs/Former Characters
 Posted: Jun 4 2018, 02:41 PM

Curator of Marines
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As I am transferring over old posts from the previous board, it may be useful to have a record of NPCs and formerly played characters, together with the icons associated with their posts, and the PB (actual or suggested) where applicable.

user posted image
Colonel Brandon, ADC to General Wellesley. Based on a character from Jane Austen's novel Sense and Sensibility. PB: Alan Rickman. Originally played by general's best

user posted image
Calderón, José Ramon - an intelligence field agent known to Maturin. Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, as well as English. An original character created by Keiju. PB: Josh Groban

user posted image
da Rosa, Marta - young daughter of a Portuguese apothecary. Helped to treat an injured Captain Padstowe after he was injured during a mission to Obidos. PB: Anna Maguire (did not have a PB when first introduced). NPC'd by sans nom

user posted image
de Guarde, Mathew. A disrated midshipman, de Guarde developed a close friendship with Private (later Corporal) Thompson. An original character. PB: Terrence Corrigan

user posted image
Edrington. Colonel of the 27th Foot, Edrington was based on a character from the TV series Hornblower. He was never given a first name on screen, but appeared here with the first name of Thomas. PB: Sam West, originally played by Rosina.

user posted image
Hagman, Daniel. A former poacher from Cheshire, Hagman is the best shot of Sharpe's Chosen Men. Originally played by general's_best. PB: John Tams

user posted image
Hakeswill, Obadiah. A sergeant in the 33rd Foot and the sworn enemy of Richard Sharpe. Originally played by Latin_cat, he was based on a character from the TV and book series Sharpe. PB: Pete Postlethwaite

user posted image
Harper, Michael. A sergeant in the 95th Rifles and Sharpe's good friend and right-hand man. Based on a character in Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series. PB: Daragh O'Malley

user posted image
Hogan, Michael. A Major in the Royal Engineers, ADC and Chief Intelligence Officer to General Wellesley. Based on a character from Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series and the TV series inspired by it. PB: Brian Cox and NPC'd by Latin_cat and others

user posted image
Maturin, Stephen - Royal Navy physician, in the Peninsula in his capacity as an intelligence agent. Based on one of the main characters from Patrick O'Brian's famous Aubrey-Maturin book series, and the film Master and Commander. PB: Paul Bettany Originally played by teh_elb

user posted image
Pumphrey, Lord William. Intelligence agent in the service of the Foreign Office and based on a character from the Sharpe book series by Bernard Cornwell. PB: Nicholas Burns.

user posted image
Simmons. A Lieutenant on General Wellesley's staff, originally introduced by Latin_cat. PB: Christopher Staines

user posted image
Williams, Owen. A Welshman in the mostly Irish 27th Foot, Williams was an original character played by Rosina. PB: Andrei Yurenyov (from the film Waterloo)

user posted image

Boy 3rd Class Terry Button, Royal Navy
Rifleman Gabriel Cotton, 5/60th Rifles
Private Tom Oxley, Royal Marines drummer
Able Seaman Sam Oxley, Royal Navy
Private Finch Robinson, Royal Marines
Corporal George Thompson, Royal Marines
Captain Hereward Thorburn, Royal Navy
Captain John Vickery, 5/60th Rifles
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