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 Medhurst, Daniel
Daniel Medhurst
 Posted: Aug 30 2016, 04:56 PM

Private; 1/50th Foot
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Group: British Infantry
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Character Info
Canon/Original: Original
First Name(s): Daniel
Surname: Medhurst
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Edenbridge, Kent
Occupation: Soldier
Family: Father: John Medhurst. Mother: Mary Medhurst. Sister: Edith Tanner. Older brother: Thomas Medhurst. Younger brother: Samuel 'Sammy' Medhurst.
Appearance: Medhurst is not your average whipcord thin Light company soldier. He has a more solid and muscular build than many light troops, and is mainly in the Light company thanks to his height, being a touch below average at five feet and five inches. His most noticeable feature is a port-wine stain birthmark on his right cheek, just below his eye. Otherwise, his appearance is unremarkable, with dark eyes and dark hair worn short according to regulations. He has a tendency to stubble around the mouth and chin, which shows after a day or so, meaning that he has to shave every day in order keep properly clean shaven – something not always possible in bivouac. His uniform is kept as neat as possible on campaign, which is to say, not very – his jacket is patched at the elbows and his trousers (replacements for the issued white ones) are made of brown homespun, the type of cloth used for friars' habits, and are patched at the knees and seat.
Personality: Medhurst is a pretty stolid type of guy, loyal and hard-working. He is not one to shy from a fight if he believes there is cause, whether this is in the line of battle or a simple milling in camp. He is a natural follower, which has prevented him from attaining any sort of rank, even though he can read after a fashion. He is aware that there is something about his appearance that differs from most other people, although he is not so aware of his looks to register what without recourse to a mirror, not having grown up with mirrors in the house (apart from his father's shaving mirror).
Background: Born in a relatively small town a stone's throw from the Kent/Sussex county border, Medhurst always knew there was something a bit different in his appearance compared to most people. The town's industry centred on tanning and iron-working and almost from the moment he could walk, Medhurst was destined for one trade or the other – he had family working in both. Not by nature curious, this suited him until the day a recruiting party of the West Kent regiment came to town, beating up for recruits. Medhurst was taken by the uniforms and the sergeant's patter, and the sudden opportunity to see something of the world apart from the small town and surrounding villages. Not dissuaded by his father's doom and gloom predictions, he took the shilling and set out on a life of adventure that has led to Spain, making Medhurst the only one of his family to have left the shores of England.

Training was not easy for him, but with dogged perseverance, he eventually managed to learn all the required drill and manoeuvres, even though he still finds himself copying his fellow rankers rather than necessarily working out the orders for himself, at least on occasion, although he is getting better at it.

He has neither the imagination nor desire to be anything other than what he is, and what he is is a soldier who is a stolid, dependable type, who will obey orders without flinching and do his best to do his duty as seen by his officers and NCOs. His fellow soldiers like him for his cheerful nature and loyalty, and his officers appreciate his dependability and hard-working nature. His NCOs know that he might not understand something at first but he will work at it regardless.

Anything Else: Preferred PB: Thomas Morrison (from Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell)
Writing Sample/Past Roleplay:

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 Posted: Aug 30 2016, 06:17 PM

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