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 Todd, James, Surgeon, 3 Coy 5/60th Rifles
 Posted: Sep 18 2015, 03:33 PM

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Name James Todd
Nationality English
Age Forty-five
Appearance Though of middling height and with an unremarkable build, James Todd manages somehow to make himself seem more dominant than he physically is. He developed this intangible presence when he was in university and it has stood him in very good stead since. His upbringing was respectable enough but one would be hard pressed to know that by the plain style of dress Todd prefers. He has been in the army's service long enough to know that expensive clothing does not last long. It is not unheard of for him to make do with roughly-made articles when supplies run short, in much the same manner as the private soldiers.

His round face is noticeably creased and the first hints of grey are becoming more obvious in his untidy mop of dark hair, suggesting that age is ever so slowly catching up him. Todd is naturally energetic, however, and indeed he tends to carry himself as might a much younger man. He is nearly obliged to have such vivacity, given his present occupation. Life on the march is far from easy, Todd knows very well, and he is quite aware that he is fortunate to have a hardy constitution. He remembers the cold winters of Canada and the hard conditions endured in Egypt, and expects that future campaigns will be similarly trying. Accordingly, he did what he could to gain weight while in Lisbon and later in Oporto, in an attempt to stack the odds in his favour as much as he could.
Personality traits Todd is not one to tolerate attempts to defy his authority, whether by officers or private men. He knows very well what his professional limits are and with regard to the welfare of the men under his charge, he considers his the first and last word of law and woe betide anyone who is foolish enough to try pushing his limits. The potential thus exists for considerable disagreements between himself and the regiment's officers, but Todd is also well enough mannered to not be uncivil when he is fighting the corner of the wounded and sick.

While he is no physician, he is quite a competent surgeon with a respectable record of service. Keeping his knowledge and skills current is as much a point of personal pride as it is a professional necessity. He knows that the men are more likely to trust a surgeon who knows what he's about, just as he's aware that it's equally important to not be officious and unapproachable. Over the years, Todd has perfected an easy, accessible style which helps bridge the natural gulf between him and the men.

Despite himself, Todd tends strongly toward defining his circle of friends and acquaintances along regimental lines. This is as much a product of circumstances as not. He spends much of his time amongst the men and officers of his regiment and thus, quite naturally, has the strongest bonds with them. He does mix socially with officers from other corps, but not quite as frequently. His fellow surgeons form the one class of men with whom he is able to interact utterly freely, as might be expected. Of course, the restricted society of the army makes it necessary to be more willing to rub elbows with men he would otherwise avoid, and Todd has often had to deal with officers for whom he has nothing but dislike.

Discretion and common sense are requirements for an army surgeon and Todd is happily possessed of both. In the main, he instinctively knows what to say and what not to say, and when to do so. He does not make an overt effort to be respected by the men but his very nature and the many confidences he has kept over the years have both helped make him known as a reliable surgeon. Neither does he go out of his way to inflict unnecessary harm or suffering on his patients. A soldier's lot is quite hard enough, he knows. A little compassion and gentle handling when a man is wounded often do more to aid recovery than medicine itself, he's learned.
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