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 Murray, Josiah, Able Seaman, HMS Tersichore
 Posted: Jan 26 2016, 06:41 PM

Curator of Marines
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Name: Josiah Murray
Gender: Male
Age: (if known)18
Appearance: Dark hair, blue or grey eyes, thin, relatively tall.
Personality traits: Murray is a likeable and fairly popular member of the ship's crew. He has a good singing voice and often entertains the crew in off-watch hours by giving them a song or two
Occupation: Able seaman
Intended use/role: A member of the crew of HMS Terpsichore, Murray has the opportunity for interaction with other members of the crew from the captain to the marines and ship's boys.
Player to PM for further information: Sharpie
Wiki page: (if applicable) Josiah Murray

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Boy 3rd Class Terry Button, Royal Navy
Rifleman Gabriel Cotton, 5/60th Rifles
Private Tom Oxley, Royal Marines drummer
Able Seaman Sam Oxley, Royal Navy
Private Finch Robinson, Royal Marines
Corporal George Thompson, Royal Marines
Captain Hereward Thorburn, Royal Navy
Captain John Vickery, 5/60th Rifles
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