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 Letter delivered to Captain Blackwood, 7th Jan. 1810
 Posted: Sep 11 2016, 08:26 PM

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[This letter was forwarded through several stations, having suffered quite a bit in the process, before being delivered to Captain Blackwood with the note:
Urgent, respond to original sender and deliver copy of same, account of measures taken and result to Lt. Col. Pakenham, assistant Adjutant-General.]

Jeremiah Huskell, Esq.
Lewes, Sussex

Lewes, 10th Nov. 1809


As executor of the last will and testament of the late Miss Frederica Wyntham, daughter of Jonathon Wyntham, Esq., last living in the village of Kingston, Sussex, I am appealing to your industriousness to help me locate William Wyntham, the nephew twice removed of the aforementioned deceased.

He has been named heir to his well-remembered relative's estates, which amount, after all debts and dues are settled, to:
- roughly 124 pounds, solidly invested,
- a quarter share in a local bakery
- Several well-made items of furniture
- various personal items

To the best of my knowledge, William Wyntham joined some regiment of the Guards in the early spring of the present year, desirous of joining the fight against the French tyrant in Spain, but not having the means to purchase any commission. He is twenty-two years of age, of medium build but uncommonly tall, and has brown hair. All previous attempts to reach him by letter have failed; I am very eager to learn as soon as possible the intentions of Mr. Wyntham regarding his inheritance, and beg that you will assist me.

As Lord Astwick, the landlord of the late Miss Wyntham, does not care to leave a favourably appointed cottage empty after the current lease runs out, the furniture will have to be removed by the end of January, his lordship having expressed a willingness to extend this period by two weeks if Mr. Wyntham can state good reasons for that delay. If I do not receive instructions from Mr. Wyntham regarding the items in question, I will have to sell them at whatever price I can get at short notice.

The current owner of the other three shares in the bakery has expressed a willingness to buy the last share at a reasonable price. As the establishment is profitable and has sofar contributed the bulk of Miss Wyndham's income, I would caution Mr. Wyndham not to accept any offer without careful consideration.

I once again beg that you will do all that lays in your power to discover the whereabouts of Mr. Wyndham and to deliver this message to him, and give him all due assistance so he might make his wishes known to me in as speedy a manner as possible. To establish his identity beyond doubt, an oath sworn in the presence of two officers of sufficient rank who can vouch for his honesty, will suffice.

In case that Mr. Wyndham has been declared dead in proper form, it will be necessary to delivery a certificate of that fact to the Court of Chancery.

I pray you are willing and able to help me to execute Miss Wyndham's last wishes - she was a lady who was held in the highest regard by her neighbours and indeed all who has the pleasure of knowing her.

In hope of a quick and decisive answer,
I remain your most obedient servant,

J. Huskell
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